When you arrive at New Hope Baptist Church you will receive a warm welcome. We are a small, old fashioned church. We enjoy the old fashioned hymns and good ol' gospel preaching. At New Hope Baptist Church we meet in accordance to Hebrews 10:23-27. It is our goal to provoke one another to love and good works. Salvation is by grace and through faith of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and we desire above all else to bring glory to His Name.

Family School 10:00am

Our Family School lesson starts at 10:00am. We will meet in the main auditorium. A nursery and tailored lesson for children 3 and under is provided if desired. Our hope and goal is to enjoy the class as a family. Throughout the week each family will study the lessons together at home. When we come together on Sunday the men will share what their family has learned that week.  Everyone including the children will have an opportunity to quote the memory verse. The children are then invited to the front of the church for a short lesson with the Pastor. A work sheet that follows the Family School lesson will also be given to each child. The child will have an opportunity to participate by answering the questions throughout the lesson, as the Pastor teaches verse by verse through the passage. To view samples of our previous worksheets for Family School please click here. Check out Family School page and sample worksheets to learn more.

Preaching Service 11:00am

Our 11:00 service begins with good ol’ fashioned hymn singing. Followed by good ol’ fashioned preaching. At New Hope Baptist Church we don’t pass an offering plate because our focus isn’t on your wallet but your walk with Jesus. If you do desire to give there will be an opportunity to place your offering in the plate on the remembrance table during “hand shaking time.”

Sunday Evening Prayer Service 6:00pm

Our Sunday Evening service begins at 6:00pm. This is a time for testimony, brief topical bible studies and prayer. We also hear updates on the progress of our missionaries from around the world.

Wednesday Night 7:00pm

Our Wednesday Night service begins at 7:00pm. During the service we have a fun bible question time to encourage partcipation of young and old and helps bring to mind key lessons we studied from previous services. The bible message is geared towards discipliship and growth in the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

First Sunday of the Month

Our fellowship meal is usually the first Sunday of the month after the preaching service. Our folks bring plenty of food and all of our guests and visitors are welcome to stay and eat. Typically on this Sunday we do not have an evening service. Please check calendar, email or call for details.

Family Friendly

Our church is family friendly. We enjoy including the children in our main church services. We have worksheets for them to follow along with the Family School and Preaching Service. We do not expect the children to be perfect. However, if you find your little one is too distracting, we can provide either a nursery worker or a room where you and your little one can learn to sit and listen as you watch the services on a video monitor.

What Should I Wear to church?

You will find a variety, from Sunday best to informal and relaxed. The men may be in suits or casual shirt/pants. You will find most of our ladies in a modest dress or skirt/blouse. We believe the scriptures teach much about modesty and cleanliness. Your clothing is not an issue, but we do ask only that your outfit be modest since our focus should be on Jesus not each other.

We hope that you will come to hear more about our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.