Michael Andrzejewski Family – Portugal

Larry Craft Family – Streets of America

John and Brenda French – There’s Hope Family Ministries (Milan, TN)

Dave and Barb Hohmann – Rock of Ages Prison Chaplain

Stan and Charlene Lane – Ministry to Military in Jacksonville, FL

Tom Palmer Family – Lighthouse Baptist Ministries (Athens, AL)

Richard Maher Family – Ukraine

Bud Martin Family – Wings of Faith Academy for Troubled Girls (Stockton, MO)

Daniel Norton Family – Slovenia

Alan Minks Family – Japan

Clayton and Vickie Morris – Romania

Don McIlvain Family – Montana

Lynn and Linda Potts – Evangelist in USA (Pictures and Praise Ministries)

Mike and Debbie Ragland – Living Water Baptist Youth Camp (Hayden, AL)

David Robinson Family – Malawi (Africa)

Chad Sellers Family & Collins Children Home – Nepal

O’Neal and Eunice Shelton – Evangelist in USA (retired)

Ted Snyder Family – Honduras

Nico Verhoef Family – Europe

Bill and Bonnie Wagner – Rock of Ages Prison Chaplain (WTSP)

Jason Young Family – Australia

Steve Ferguson Family – Canada

New Hope Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist Church. This means we select and support our missionaries on an independent basis not through a denominational program. In doing this we are able to meet each and everyone of our missionaires face to face. We often have missionaries visiting our church to present their burden and call to the mission field. This is a great opportunity for our church family to also have our hearts stirred for world evangelism. Our children especially enjoy these presentations and follow along with a special activity sheet which deepens their connection with the missionary.

Please take time to look over our list of missionaries and pray daily that God will give them free course, (II Thessalonians 3:1), utterance (Ephesians 6:19), open doors (Colossians 4:3) and delieverance (II Thessalonians 3:2).